Digital Grizzly anatomy Atlas for Artists

Nicolas Morel
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Happy to finally share this Digital Grizzly anatomy atlas for artists.

I updated this package with the last textures !

This asset can be used either for anatomy study or by creature fx artists for advanced muscles simulation. (With Ziva Dynamics for example)

Include 88 separated muscles renamed and classified for easy manipulation. They are all correctly attached to a skeleton with the nails/teeth separated. And the skin with a clean topology for animation. The inner mouth and tongue are present and properly attached to the skin. So this model is ready to be used in a production environment. Or for personnal use or study.

You can use this model as a base if you want to work on a polar bear or Bear. Proportions may change but the anatomy stays the same.

Included in this set :


-88 muscles separated properly named


-everything as a clean topology. Resulting as a combination between zremesher and handwork.

-extra work has been done on the head so the model can have blendshape work done on it.

-skin with inner mouth and tongue

-eyes, teeth and nails.

-20 udims (16 muscles ; 3 skin ; 1 skeleton)

-4k textures. Including displace ; diffuse ; bump and roughness.

-shading network for Maya 2018 and Arnold.

-obj with every individual muscle properly named and classified.

-a .ztl file with all parts and a .ma file.

-lowpoly muslces 792.000 quads.

-lowpoly skin 100.000 quads.

If you have any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact me. And i will do my best to help you as soon as possible.

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Digital Grizzly anatomy Atlas for Artists

4 ratings
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