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Bison Modeling Tutorial

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Happy to present this Bison Modeling Tutorial.

This tutorial has been designed for people who are familiarized with Zbrush & Maya (or equivalent). And want to work on animals or creatures. But don’t really have any knowledge in Anatomy and don’t know how to get started.

Duration : 20 hours narrated (In english). No timelapse.

Software : Zbrush ; Maya ; Arnold

Level : Intermediate

Prerequisite : Familiar with the used software interface. Anatomy Knowledge not required.

Included : Skeleton

In this tutorial I will cover all the essential steps to create this Bison, with an accurate Anatomy, using carefully chosen references. Techniques That can then be applied to any kind of animal or Creature.

I show how to :
*Choose your references.
*Do basic proportions & build your anatomy.
*hand retopology and UVS.
*detail your anatomy and skin using Alphas.
*Get started with your texturing & Create a lookdev scene.

This Tutorial Is Spitted in 24 chapters :

01_Shortcuts & References




05_Structuring the face

06_Adding the Hooves

07_Second pass on the Body

08_Make the Teeth

09_Make the model ready for retopology


11_Merge the mesh Together


13_Relaxing Topology

14_Reproject Details on new Mesh

15_Improve Your Silhouette

16_Detail your Model

17_Create a Lookdev scene

18_refine the Model

19_Refine the Inner Mouth

20_Working with alphas

21_Rework your primary & Secondary Shapes

22_Jumping to Texturing

23_Roughness Map

24_Lookdev Scene

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-20h of videos narrated in english -skeleton Mesh

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Bison Modeling Tutorial

12 ratings
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