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Grizzly Asset I Skin & Bones - Rig - Animation File - Baked Animation

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Grizzly Skin I Digital Asset - Rig - Animation File - Baked Animation - Non Commercial Use Only

Happy to share this new set of packs for my Digital Grizzly in Collaboration with Madhav Shyam. This pack Includes

   -Grizzly Skin and Bones Model

   -Grizzly Rig skin and Bones Scene

   -Animation File for the walk and Run Cycle (only in the 299$ pack)

   -Grizzly baked animation cache for the walk and Run Cycle.

You can now test your groom with some awesome walk & run cycle. Result of Madhav's Work using an advance Muscles Simulation Setup. 

Include an advanced rig To create your own animation and test your groom or improve your skills in rigging and simulation.

Includes the skin with a clean topology. With an inner mouth and tongue attached to the model. Ready for animation ; grooming and rigging.

Included in this set :

-skin with inner mouth and tongue. Face ready for blendshapes.

-teeth ; nails ; eyes (Without the texture as I don't own the right on them)

-5 udims (3 skin ; 1 nails ; 1 teeth)

-4k textures. Including displace ; diffuse ; bump and roughness like seen in the video.

-shading network for Maya 2018 and Arnold.

-a .ztl file with all parts and a .ma file. (Zbrush 2020 and above)

-lowpoly skin 100.000 quads.

-Rig of the skin and bones like seen on the video.

-Animation file for the walk and Run cycle like seen on the video

-Baked Animation cache for the walk and run cycle to test your groom or renders. Like seen on the video.

If you have any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact me. And i will do my best to help you as soon as possible. Posed skin isn't included, but if you want it, contact me and i will send it asap for free (if you already bought my model).

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Skin and Bones Model&Textures ; Skin and Bones Rig ; Animation File ; Simulation cache for Walk&Run Cycle - Personal Use

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Grizzly Asset I Skin & Bones - Rig - Animation File - Baked Animation

0 ratings
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